I feel privileged to work with my patients and feel honored to touch their lives and share a part of their journey. I am grateful for the following thoughts shared by my patients.

My Treatments

“Hi Geoffrey, Since I’ve started seeing you for acupuncture treatments, I’ve started to feel better that I have in 10 years! I rode before my “accident-thingy” and through MUCH hard work, have gotten to a level of riding and UNDERSTANDING than I was at previously. I don’t understand how that mind and body work together, but no matter HOW badly I felt, if I could get out to the barn, I would feel good as soon as I drove in, and then start feel terrible again soon after I left. I’ve always jokingly told people that, “I could get shot while riding and not notice it!”

NOW though I feel good enough, that I’ve begun to do more work. I would guess that many people wouldn’t think acupuncture can help, but fewer and fewer are beginning to think that way! Anyway, I wanted to write and tell you how much I think you are helping me.” – Beth, from Puyallup

Thank You, Geoff

“Thank you – I can’t believe the impact this has had for me. I’m usually the skeptical type; oh, I’ll try anything at least once, and I’m open to new experiences. But I tend not to have high expectations. But I am impressed and moved by what I’ve experienced. The immediate affects were increased energy that was balanced, producing a relaxed, peaceful state. The more subtle affects have been profound – better mood, feeling less stressed and feeling in tune with the world.

You’re bedside manner is outstanding. You orchestrate an atmosphere that is safe and conducive to exploration of something new. Thank you, again, for opening a door to a path I needed to go down.” – Tim, from Kirkland

Women’s Health

“Thank you for giving me back the power to do what is right for me. For so many years I was at the mercy of traditional medicine. It has it’s place, don’t get me wrong, and it will always be part of my health care, but I will no longer turn there first. My body was so dependent on birth control that I didn’t feel I had any where else to turn when things started to go seriously wrong. I am thankful that we met and you have given me the chance to get my body back on track and off the pharmaceuticals. Since I began treatment I have felt more aware of my body and more in touch with my surroundings.

The most profound effect that acupunctures has had on my life is the management of the chronic pain I have been dealing with for so many of years. It was such a strange feeling to wake up in the morning and not be in pain. I was unaware of how much energy went into dealing with that pain every moment of every day. That is the most amazing gift to receive and I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my life.” – Patricia, from Everett

Digestive Trouble

“My stomach dyspepsia or whatever it was is gone. I wasn’t sure what it was when I first saw you and as I told you then the doctors I’d spoken with were confounded too. There symptoms were undeniable, they just couldn’t do anything about it. As a result, I’d lowered my expectations about it getting better.

Your treatments changed my mind. You’ve not only fixed a problem that was a painful annoyance, you’ve helped me think about health in a more hopeful way. Like a lot of men I think, I’ve been “programmed” to believe that pain is just part of the deal, and was taught to ‘take it like a man.’

It got to be a habit. Your willingness and ability to diagnose the symptoms and treat them successfully with acupuncture and herbs has made me less inclined to take a bite-the-bullet attitude when it comes to my health. It’s a relief to know I can call on your medical talents and expertise if something goes out of whack. Thanks for your insight and skill. And thanks for your warmth and generosity of spirit.” – Warm regards, Neal, from Seattle